Disney Classic show at Harborough was '100 minutes of blissful entertainment!' This charming production was based on the famous cartoon film, with familiar characters and costumes. It used background music and Disneys songs throughout, and the group did not disappoint any children who know and love the film.

They used a basic set and clever silhouetting, and the talented young cast brought our favourites to life. Belle (Katie Sproston) was amazing! She sang beautifully and danced with real skill - at first I though she must be miming. A real star in the making. And who would have though that ultra-butch Gaston could be played by a girl, but Sian Williams was hilarious, along with admiring chum Lefou (Ella Matthews).

The beast was suitably fierce and Linden Iliffe brought out his pathos too. We all loved the bewitched servants Lumiere (James West) and Cogsworth (William Burke). Mrs Potts (Annie Woodford) had the best costune as well as the cutest kid, Chip. Having said that, all the youngsters were cute especially playing forks and dishes in Be Our Guest. The children in the row behind me were singing along! As always, all the many members of the cast sang and danced together well. You are a real team and I'm sorry I can't name you all. This show was 100 minutes of blissful entertainment.

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Peter Pan Review

Peter Pan and Captain Hook


Boogie Wonderland Review

boogieReview: Boogie Wonderland, by the Youth Theatre

Written and directed by Paul Williams, of Fleckney, Boogie Wonderland is a well-thought-out script set in post-Vietnam America, writes Elinor O’Neill.
Mr Williams is a former cast member of the Youth Theatre and is now working as a BBC scriptwriter and the play is testament to his skills.

The show started with a radio message to say the war had come to an end and peace declared, and from there the dancing starts.

Boogie Wonderland is a club in which young people go to dance away their troubles and subsequently there are some excellent tunes featured in this musical.
Although at times some of the singing was a bit wobbly the dancing more than made up for it.

Performances of YMCA and I Will Survive captivated the audience, many of whom took to singing themselves.

Boogie Wonderland features iconic songs from artists of the era including the Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Meat Loaf, Stevie Wonder and Abba.

The show featured performances by many of the group’s rising stars including Ella Rogers Waterman, Chanel Welton, Eleanor Boxall, Jessica Cook, William Burke and Charlie Tatma.
William gave an incredible performance as Cheese and his rendition of Bat Out of Hell was a classic moment which generated great applause.

Overall it was a colourful and exciting musical that was performed by an energetic and enthusiastic cast.

Well done to Mr Williams for a great script that was well executed.

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